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Train Your Brain to Spend Smarter: A Chat With BeyondThePurchase.org

A few months ago Linda Lombardi, a writer for the website Learnvest, asked us if she could conduct a Q & A to learn how our research helps people spend and save their money in ways that result in the most happiness. While … Continue reading

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Is the United States materialistic? The geography of consumption.

The belief that material possessions improve individuals’ personal and social well-being permeates America. However, contrary to this belief, multiple studies show that materialists, compared to non-materialists, have lower social and personal well-being. Compulsive and impulsive spending, increased debt, decreased savings, … Continue reading

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What is hedonism? A lesson from Dorian Gray.

I must admit, when I was in high school I was more likely to read the sports page of the Dallas Morning News than my English assignments. But, for some reason, there was one book that I couldn’t put down: … Continue reading

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You Know That Sex Sells. Do You Know Why?

Have you ever wondered why certain brands seem to add attractive models, for what appears no good reason? Well, here’s why. Take a look at this picture: You may not realize this, but this photograph will make you take more … Continue reading

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People who manage their money are happier.

Recent research into the age-old question “Can Money Buy Happiness?” has resulted in some intriguing results. There is now empirical support linking several specific financial strategies to increased happiness and life satisfaction. These suggestions include delaying gratification, savoring positive purchase … Continue reading

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Many people do not have $1,000 saved for an emergency.

A few years ago I read a story in CNN Money (Most Americans can’t afford a $1,000 emergency expense) that reported over 60% of Americans did not have enough money in their savings or checking accounts to pay for a … Continue reading

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Can Money Buy Happiness? Yes (when spent correctly).

Every day more and more people are trying to understand the relationship between money and happiness. Although everyone desires to be happy, the pathways people choose are varied (and not always successful). People frequently believe that making more money will increase their happiness. … Continue reading

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How can I Reduce my Compulsive Spending Habits?

Last week I wrote about how a lack of money management predicts individuals’ compulsive spending, regardless of their personality, gender, age, and income. These results were based on a study (Sadness, Identity, and Plastic in Over-shopping) published in the Journal of Economic Psychologywhich was conducted with two students of mine former … Continue reading

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The Billionaire’s Brain: Do You Have One?

This week I am posting a guest blog by Dr. Daniel Crosby. I’m convinced that one secret of Warren Buffett’s enduring popularity is his “everyman-ness.” While “The Oracle” is insanely wealthy, he is also grounded and approachable which makes replicating … Continue reading

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Spoiler Alert — Vanity Sizing: How what you don’t, err, didn’t know is making you happy

I can say without hesitation (but with considerable vanity) that I wear the same size clothes now as I did 20 years ago. I’ve always fit quite well into jeans with a 31” waist. It was that way in college … Continue reading

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