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Finding Flow this weekend.

Anyone who watches sports is familiar with the concept of being “in the zone.” Whether it is Kobe Bryant flying around and through defenders with seeming ease, Tom Brady knifing perfect spirals into tiny openings in the defense, Serena Williams … Continue reading

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Creating a better economic future: The Economics of Happiness

Economic localization is the key to sustaining biological and cultural diversity – to sustaining life itself.  The sooner we shift towards the local, the sooner we will begin healing our planet, our communities, and ourselves.” – Helena Norberg-Hodge, director and … Continue reading

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What Kind of Paradise are you looking for?

“What kind of paradise am I looking for? I’ve got everything I want and I still want more.—” Ani DiFranco (2001) Let me ask you a question: have you ever gone to a store or the mall and found yourself … Continue reading

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Be mine: Our attachment to our stuff

I sometimes find myself wondering why people become attached to their possessions if, after all, our things are merely things. Our stuffed animals and blankets mattered to us as kids - but all our personal belongings hold special meaning to … Continue reading

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How grateful are you?

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, it’s apparent that love is most certainly in the air. Yet as I pondered this, I began to think of what love really is. It’s not just some pitter-patter of the heart … Continue reading

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How newfound financial clarity is changing how I spend

I’ve never been great with money, and up until recently, my wife and I had no clue about how much money we had, how much we spent, or how much we owed. Income was automatically deposited, automatic payments were set … Continue reading

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Preliminary finding: Stark contrast in “thriving” between experiential and material buyers

Numerous studies have suggested that experiential purchases result in greater and more long-term happiness than material purchases. But what about the overall well-being of the types of people who typically spend materially or experientially? Gallup uses Cantril’s Self-Anchoring Scale to … Continue reading

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