Welcome to Beyond the Purchase!

We’re live! BeyondthePurchase.org launched yesterday morning as an interactive website allowing individuals to participate in research exploring the link between spending decisions and well-being.

So far we’ve had over 100 people join, and we’re already getting great coverage from our press release. Check out PsychCentral, The Daily Mail, or Science Daily for a sample. Beyond the Purchase was also the topic of a 2-minute story (including a live interview with co-founder Ryan Howell) on KGO News Talk AM810 during last night’s 5:30pm rush-hour programming.

We’re excited to see such widespread interest in the site and hope you’ll decide to join us in this scientific endeavor by creating an account and then spreading the word.

We currently have 23 short questionnaires that provide our users with free personalized feedback on everything from personality type and life satisfaction, to money management and materialistic values. The data we collect will be used to better understand how spending motivations relate to well-being, and how money management influences financial decision making.

Check back here at the BtP blog for updates about our research findings, new survey opportunities, press coverage, and other relevant topics of interest. You can also follow us on Twitter @SpendingWell. We’re constantly looking for fresh ideas and ways to improve the user experience, so please give us feedback and suggestions in the comment box below.

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