"In the past decade, we've learned an immense amount about the sources of human happiness. The studies highlighted on this excellent Web site show clearly that well-being is more about relationships than stuff, and that when it comes to happiness, the smart money is spent on experiences and altruism rather than material goods. Explore this site, take the surveys and learn more about your own happiness and how we could all be happier. I'm delighted to recommend BEYOND THE PURCHASE to everyone I know!"
--John de Graaf, director of the PBS film, AFFLUENZA and co-author of AFFLUENZA; THE ALL-CONSUMING EPIDEMIC and WHAT'S THE ECONOMY FOR, ANYWAY?

"As a financial educator, I think BEYOND THE PURCHASE is an essential resource to learn about your spending habits."
--Thomas Fox, Community Outreach Director at Cambridge Credit Counseling Corp.

Featured Studies
Importance of Happiness Survey:
How much will you sacrifice for more happiness?
36 questions
A 2-week Gratitude Intervention:
Can recalling grateful events increase your happiness? Note: only people who register with FB can take this study
About 5 minutes nightly for two weeks
The Big Five personality test:
How do you score on the five fundamental dimensions of personality?
29 questions
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