The scale you completed was the Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale, developed by Mark Leary (1983).

This scale measures how apprehensive you are with others judging you, the stress you feel from negative evaluations, and how much you believe that others think negatively of you.

The graph below shows how much you fear negative evaluation (the green bar); the higher your bar, the more you fear negative evaluation. You can compare your score to how much less happy (the red bar) and more happy (the blue bar) people fear negative evaluation.

Why is fear of negative evaluation bad for well-being?
Unfortunately, this fear results in the very disappointment people were afraid of in the first place. In a vicious cycle, fear of negative evaluation leads us to perform worse in competitive settings. This fear interferes with our ability to play sports as well as speak in public. Also, this fear focuses our perception of our negative social characteristics (e.g., being awkward) instead of our positive characteristics.

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