The scale you completed was the Satisfaction with Life Scale developed by Ed Diener (1985); he is a leading researcher on happiness at the University of Illinois.

The graph below shows your life satisfaction on the green bar. The average life satisfaction of people who have completed this scale is shown on the purple bar.

Here is your satisfaction with life score compared with people who identify as belonging to some of the major religions of the world.

The scale is a measure of your general satisfaction with life. To understand the scores, it is helpful to learn about some of the components that go into most people's experience of satisfaction.

  • Social Relationships
    • People with high scores tend to have close and supportive family and friends.
  • Performance in an Important Role
    • For example, work, school, role of a homemaker or grandparent.
  • Other Factors
    • Satisfaction with yourself, quality of religious or spiritual life, learning, intellectual and/or emotional growth, and leisure.
To learn more about Ed Diener's research on happiness, please see this website.

Watch this You Tube video of Sonja Lyubomirsky and learn how you can be happier:

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