The purpose of this study was to analyze the emotional content of your Facebook status updates. Specifically, we examined a number of your most recent status updates and tallied the number of times you used both positive and negative emotion words. The word lists we used were borrowed from similar research conducted by James Pennebaker and colleagues with the Linguistic Inquiry Word Count dictionaries.

The idea behind this study is that the words people use in day-to-day life are thought to be revealing of their overall emotional experiences. Of course, by tallying the frequency with which emotion-related words are used, we are unable to take into consideration the context of each status update. But, over 20 years of research on linguistic analyses of text have revealed that these scores can predict important emotion-related outcomes.

We were able to examine of your Facebook status messages, which contained a total of words.
% of the words in your statuses were positive emotion words.
% of the words in your statuses were negative emotion words.

Do you want to know how this compares with others? Your scores appear in the graph below in green. The scores of the average visitor to this site is shown in purple.

If you would like to learn more about how people's word choices are related to their feelings, behavior, and health at James Pennebaker's web site.

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