You have just completed the Consumption Behavioral Index.

This index concerns consumer behaviors aimed at sustaining environmental resources. It touches upon two types of behavior- avoidance and approach.
•Avoidance: not performing certain behaviors (e.g., not littering)
•Approach: performing positive actions (e.g., volunteering to pick up trash)

Such behaviors appear similar on the surface, but research shows that they involve different mental processes. Approach behaviors are more closely related to reducing consumption than avoidance behaviors.

Below is a graph of how you compare on with others who have taken this survey. The graph shows how you answered on this index (in green) compared to liberals (in blue), moderates (in orange), and conservatives (in red).

However, this index is not an exact measurement of individual consumption behavior, as our choices are constrained by many influences within and outside of our control. Similar people vary significantly in their computed emissions.

So what can you do to help the environment and reduce your consumption? Make the decision active.

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