Thank you for taking part in our study. We want to learn how much people think money will make them happy. In many of the scenarios you read, you had to decide if you would rather have more money or improvements in other areas of your life (e.g., better working hours, more sleep, a shorter commute time, time with your family and friends).

The graph below shows how much you are willing to sacrifice (e.g., worse working hours, less sleep, a longer commute) for more money in your life. There are two bars to focus on:

The Left / Green bar: displays how you think that more money will make you happier than other life improvements. The higher the bar the more you think more money will make you happier.

The Right / Green bar: displays the extent to which you will choose more money over improvements in other areas of your life. The higher the bar the more you will sacrifice in other areas of your life to improve your financial situation.

The two purple bars are the average scores of all other visitors to BeyondThePurchase.

Why are such choices important for well-being?

We are still collecting data, but previous research suggests that people say they would rather have better working hours, more sleep, a shorter commute time (i.e., the left bar) but are more likely to choose the options that give them more money (i.e., the right bar). If your right bar is higher than your left bar, this indicates you are willing to choose more money even if you think that other decisions will make you happier.

At BeyondThePurchase, we help people make the connection between their values, spending habits, and happiness.

Would you like to learn more about yourself? Do you want to know how you feel about your past, present, and future? Take the Time Attitudes Survey and learn about your relation with time. Do you want to know how happy is your subconscious? Take our Happiness IAT andfind out. You may be interested to learn about the values that shape your life choices by taking the Schwartz Values Scale and the Social Values Scale.

With these insights, you can better understand the ways in which your financial decisions affect your happiness.

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Learn more about your happiness and spending habits!

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