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Sentence De-Scramble Task

This is a preliminary task. We need you to be able to unscramble the following sentences before you continue on with the survey. The study requires you to have a basic understanding of the English language grammar. To ensure that you can continue with the study please unscramble all of the following sentences.

Please write one correct sentence using ONLY FOUR of the words in each line.

For example: went earlier she word swimming = she went swimming earlier

1. you held pencil building the

2. on printer grass she walked

3. took tight he a glass

4. to she music listened jump

5. metal I wrote letter the

6. ski she to wanted many

7. opens he door his top

8. we later will mountain swim

9. is green the sweater bottom

10. you coming are here purple

11. camping ten went girls book

12. is hard he win studying

13. bill the going sent we

14. sky went gray the is

15. meal she the calendar ate

16. again late worked watch we

17. gift he the helping gave

18. paper long going was the

19. is outside cold desk it

20. dishes we washed song the

21. room dark the city is

22. we coffee for went white

23. walked the keyboard dog she

24. exam was the grass challenging

25. up the stadium pick book

26. was fun outside party the

27. job well pays the arrow

28. read she paper the light

29. deep the water number is

30. volume turn the flower up