The scale you completed was the Experiential Preferences Scale developed by Dr. Ryan Howell.

The scale measures your preferences for certain kinds of experiences in comparison to other types.
In the graph below, your scores are shown in green, compared to the average of all other people purple) who have taken the scale on our website.

Researchers say that your personality may affect your preferences of experiential purchase types For example, Mehmet Mehmetolgu found the following:
  • Who is more likely to enjoy the arts?
    • Individuals who are more neurotic- they prefer non-risky experiences. Also, individuals who are more open to experiences.
  • What about nature activities?
    • So far, we know that individuals who are more conscientious and agreeable prefer traditional nature activities (e.g., mountain tours, hunting, fishing) because those activities often involve cooperation.
  • Who is more likely to seek sensation?
    • Individuals who are less conscientious and more open to new experiences
  • Who is more likely to enjoy social-leisure activities? (e.g., clubbing, dining, stand-up comedy)
    • Individuals who are more extraverted

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