The scale you completed was the Aspiration Index developed by Tim Kasser.

The scale measures various goals (e.g., image, community feeling, financial success, savings, and security) that are currently important to you. Most importantly, the scale allows you to determine how important certain goals are relative to others.

The idea behind the scale is that people may have to choose between pursuing extrinsic, materialistic goals (e.g., financial success, image) that are those focused on attaining rewards and praise, at the expense of pursuing intrinsic goals (e.g., community feeling) which are, in contrast, more focused on pursuits that are supportive of intrinsic need satisfaction.

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The graph below shows your values on five types of goals: image goals, community goals, financial success goals, savings goals, and security goals with your score (in green) compared to those of the average man (in brown) and the average woman (in orange) visitor to this website.

In the following video, Dr. Tim Kasser discusses how people's values and goals are organized in their minds.

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